A short history

The idea

… it all started in fall 2010.
The SM founders went to see a concert of “The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band” , a three-piece American country blues[1] band from Brown County, Indiana. The Rev plays among others a rusty 1930 steel bodied National guitar.

The dialogue in the aftermath of the concert resumes basically as follows:

“What about jamming Rev style?”

“We’d need a resonator guitar”

“Whaddaya think of building one of our own ?”

Said and Made !

First steps

Dr. Nibbler ordered a resonator guitar building plan at Elderly Instruments

Research was done on Youtube, displaying valuable posts by NationalGuitar www.youtube.com

Pretty soon, SM acoustics adopted the approach chosen by a fellow resonator freak, Nathan Gallardo: ”I know nothing about building guitars or anything else for that matter, I just have a lot of fun fooling around with this stuff” http://gallardosound.wordpress.com

Why SM ?

How does that resonate in your ears ? Somewhat dark, quick and dirty ? Something you are not allowed/advised to ? That’s all fine and not untrue.

SM stands for a lot of things like:

String Metal

Steel Metal

Stain Metal

Soft Metal

Or simply the initials of SM founders Schaupp and Mayer